Tiny little kindnesses

When I leave home for a few days I often notice the things no one but me would see.

My flowers whose faces are in search of the sun become thirsty and just a bit droopy.  

IMG_6408 2

I walk around watering herbs and flowers and looking for down cast heads.

I then notice that the bird feeders are also in need of more seeds.  The blue jays and robins are searching and searching the bottoms of the feeders.


I refill them and walk along the porches to push back the cobwebs and sweep away the pollen.

In every corner of my home I issue tiny kindnesses that help to keep things flourishing.   


It occurred to me that life is also full of the opportunities to sow tiny kindnesses all through out the day.

Kindnesses towards people can nurture their souls the way water can make a flower bloom. 

The same way my grandson turns his face towards mine for more kisses because love always searches for more goodness.                                                         11410754_394845570699936_604079107_n

A text message, a hand written note, a timely email, can all be kindnesses.

A phone call can remind a young mother that she can and will make it through a hard day.

A few minutes with a friend can bring clarity and push confusion back.

Small group meetings with young married’s help them feel safe enough to ask questions and practice their faith.

Meals with friends allow the truths of God to bloom deeply into our souls and shine out our actions.

Kindness becomes of habit of giving life in whatever way it’s needed.

Nurturing life wherever one finds it.

If we choose to go slow enough in life we can see, really see, where we can sow a kindness.

There is such power in tiny little kindnesses.

Rambling from a broken heart.

Last week I spent 5 days traveling through hell’s playground (sex slave industry) in Chiang Mai and Bangkock Thailand. Never before have I ever witnessed human beings treated with such violence and disgust.

What will man not to for the sake of his own pleasure?

Sin strives to strip away beauty and life from all things that are good and innocent.

It would be easy right now for me to feel indignant at the horrors I’ve just witnessed. I’ve held the hands of women that wept as they recounted the rape and abuse they have endured for years and held the children that are left abandoned in the warfare of the flesh. They are unguarded innocent lambs among the ravenous wolves. I must and will do my part to end this war of flesh and innocence but even more than that I must come to a deeper understanding.

I must remember that ANY interaction with another human that has only my vain desires as a focus is just as potentially harmful. All pursuit of happiness outside of God’s plan or Kingdom principles will bring this world into deeper deterioration.

Oh how I long to increase love, beauty, and truth and not just be a fan.

This is my season to make a difference in the lives of the innocent and helpless but also to live a life of kindness and patience in my daily interactions with all those I meet daily.

I must choose love in the face of hate or indifference.
I must choose wisdom even when I am forced to pay the price of another’s foolishness.
I must be kind when others actions feel cold and cruel.
I must give myself away in a million little ways that feel like they don’t matter but in truth make all the difference.
I must weigh the needs of others even more than my own.

This is all so easy to say and hard to do but it is our part in the daily war for light and love.

I am in a state of hyperawareness that bad things happen to good people BUT good people CAN happen to bad things AND make ALL the difference.

When I share the light of God my light becomes brighter.

By giving myself away, I increase and love grows and the darkness has to take one more step back.

One day I pray that my steps become a dance and that as I join others that we will serve as guardians and light dancers.

Light dancers that diminish the darkness for God’s glory.

May God’s goodness become manifest through you and through me today.