afraid picture.jpeg

How do you define it?

Here is what the dictionary had to say.


An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.

Fear is also something that can take hold of your imagination (if you have one) and run wild.

It doesn’t tell us the truth about a situation and I find it to be quite an exaggerator.

It is the pessimistic naysayer over all your options.

Fear makes threats it has no power to keep unless we agree with them.

It is the voice that desires for us to color in the lines, stay behind the barricade and not think outside the box.

It is the border bully to the inheritance God has planned for us.

It has a job and it is to keep us from knowing God and experiencing a life that bears the fruit of intimacy & trust.

Fear is just paper chains bragging that they are real.

I have found that it is a lot easier to see ‘fear’ in other people. 

It is much harder to find fear hidden in our excuses.

I am dedicating this year to exposing every little or large amount of fear woven through the decisions in my life.

I will then be exposing that fear to perfect love and sent back to hell where it belongs.

Hope you do the same.



3 thoughts on “FEAR

  1. Fear is an illusion, that’s why it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.
    We draw to us what we fear. It’s not a Crisis, it’s an Opportunity… to face our fears and see them as the illusion they are… then release them.
    Then we no longer need to draw such to ourselves.

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