Confessions of an over thinker…..

I absolutely hate to confess that I’m an over thinker.

Can you relate?

Spending hours and hours of time thinking about things that I can’t change or have no power over?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m aware that thinking and the process of problem solving is a gift but all gifts have their limits.

I have a really smart brother in law that once told me that energy is like having a 100 pennies a day. Wherever you use your pennies, when you get to the end of a 100 your done.  I realized that I have wasted a lot of pennies on thinking about things I cannot solve.

It’s like climbing a short stubby tree.  I have a few of them in my backyard. If my 4 year old grand daughter were to climb one, she would not come to harm, but she is also not gaining any added perspective in climbing such a tiny tree.

How silly is it to stare at the ground (problem) over and over again thinking you will solve a problem that is out of your control?

But as I was praying and lifting those concerns and questions up to God, I actually saw another tree in my spirit.

It was this huge tree that was on a cliff, overlooking the whole valley and mountain range.

As I took my eyes off my issues and placed my eyes in a state of worship and gave things over to God, He guided me to see how He sees. How to pray effectively for the things that had me bogged down and tense. How to get lost in His wonder and beauty and enhance my vision with His truth.

When I climb the thinking tree my problems grow in clarity and weight and my limitations and hopelessness and frustrations increase.

When I climb the worship tree the size of God grows and my problems seem minuscule in comparison to the one who created all things. The God who knit me in my mothers womb and has planned all my days with His creative goodness. The One that knows all the paths and the solution to all the issues in the world.

I’m tired of wasting pennies.

I’m climbing the worship tree today and there is space enough here for you.

FullSizeRender IMG_4386

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